Security Monitoring

Organizations deploy numerous security controls to protect their internal assets. Monitoring of these security devices like firewalls, IPS, Antivirus Gateways, multi-factor authentication and other infrastructure elements like routers, switches and Servers and applications is done by different teams /administrators in silos. Each of these appliances generates and store log messages separately in their proprietary formats which can be analyzed using their native management solutions. Hence organizations failed to get holistic view of what's happening across the IT and Security infrastructure and threat  posture of an organization.

Quoinx Technologies offer end to end solutions in security monitoring. Our consultants help organizations in full life cycle right from the selection of the tool, design, implement, integrate with enterprise systems and manage.

Solutions We Offer

Log Management

The solution offers centralized collection and storing of IT Data (Logs) from various security, network devices, Operating Systems and Applications. The proprietary log formats are normalized to a user understandable formats for easy search and analysis.

Quoinx Technologies offers wide range of customized log management solutions which are capable of collecting logs from any system that generates logs. Our consultants helps to build collectors if the native application does not support the log source. Our solutions are cost effective and offer unified searching across enterprise systems and applications, analysis, reporting and alerting capabilities which helps in IT operations, Forensics, Security issues etc.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

With the advent of more sophisticated and advanced threats, increasing compliance pressures force enterprises to deploy Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions which can provide security intelligence to effectively and efficiently manage risks and security operations.

Quoinx Technologies offers customized solutions to meet customer environment and support full life cycle - Design, Implement, Integrate and Manage the SIEM Tools and establishing Security Operation Center (SOC). We offer end to end consulting for establishing the processes, tools, people required to operate a captive Security Operation Center (SOC).

Our captive SOC capabilities offer the following benefits :