Infrastructure Security

Keeping pace with rapid market changes, businesses needs enterprise applications and next generation technologies to remain agile and competitive.  Adoption of newer technologies like cloud computing , BYOD or enabling mobile work force and outsourcing of operations to third parties – exposes enterprises to significant risk. Combine this with the dramatically changing security threat landscape and increased pressure from regulatory authorities forces, enterprises to build a multi-layered defense-in-depth strategy to protect their competitive intelligence, information assets. Enterprises need the support of an expert solution partner to overcome these complexities.

Quoinx Technologies leverage our extensive security portfolio which encompasses all the elements of IT environment - Infrastructure, Data, Application, Users and Governance minimizing the weak links in the enterprise security architecture.  Our solutions are based on the best-of-breed next generation technologies with traditional security controls offer end to end coverage of integrated, secure infrastructure.

Our unique delivery methodology enables us to deploy the solutions customized to individual client business needs, lower the costs, protect investments and shorten the time to go live.

Solutions We Offer :

Perimeter Security

Next Generation Firewalls and Next Generation Intrusion Prevention  Systems(IPS) to strengthen security at the perimeter with an integrated IPS, Application   Awareness and User visibility.

Virtual Private Networks - VPN (IPSec and SSL VPN)

We offer complete solutions for secure remote access solutions using VPN technologies IPSec or SSL VPN and integrate with multi-factor authentication solutions.

Web and Email Security

Integrated and point solutions to protect Web and Email traffic from internal and external threats. Integrated solutions with DLP capabilities prevent data leakage and protect from complex threats.

Endpoint Protection

The solution offering covers, but not limited to Endpoint Antivirus, Antimalware, Host Firewall, Device Control, Patch Management and Network Access Control.

APT Protection

To protect enterprises from next generation threats and advanced malware & safe guarding their valuable information assets. Our solutions covers protection for Web, Email   and malware resident on file shares.

DDoS Protection

Protects internet facing infrastructure from network and application layer DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks minimizing the service disruptions.

Mobile Device Management

More and more enterprises are looking at implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models or Hybrid or hybrid of corporate and employee owned devices. To extend the corporate applications to employee owned devices especially smart phones and smart pads, you should have complete visibility of these devices.

Our MDM solutions offers comprehensive features in terms of managing and securing these     employee owned mobile devices allowing enterprises to enforce the same corporate security      and safeguard information.

SCADA Security

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is used to control chemical plant processes, oil and gas pipelines, electrical generation and transmission equipment, manufacturing facilities, water purification and distribution infrastructure etc. Unlike enterprise network security, SCADA compromises can have real world life safety impacts.

We offer framework based approach to protect critical  SCADA infrastructure from complex  cyber threats.