Identity and Access Management

Current business environments typically span across multiple locations and multiple stake holders like internal users, remote users, partners, vendors, customers access various business applications. Many of these applications have their own authentication mechanism and access control mechanisms.  Provisioning (adding) and de-provisioning (deleting) of users to and from these applications is usually a manual process and in silos as the application owners are different. While automated provisioning gives the benefit of quick access to the resources, automated de-provisioning reduces the information security risks to a greater extent. For example if Database Administrator  leaves and organization, if his user credentials are not removed from the databases the day he resigns / leaves organization, may lead to misuse or theft critical corporate data.

Quoinx Technologies offer comprehensive suite of solutions to meet identity and access management needs of enterprises. We help our customers full life cycle of IAM in planning, design, implement and manage.

Benefits of our identity and access management solutions are :

Solutions We Offer :

Access Management

Access Management ensures that right people access the right systems and services. Unified and standards based security services such as Authentication and authorization of users based on centralized polices and rules, attributes.


Streamline the process of creating and managing the life cycle of user identities across multiple repositories. User provisioning framework enables enterprises to efficiently manage users both internal and external across platforms, systems and applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Use of normal username / password to access any critical system becomes vulnerable as passwords can be easily broken using different techniques. Use of another factor of authentication improves security. Now days, Use of online transactions, credit card payments, remote logins to corporate network has increased. Using single factor authentication which involves only username/password is more vulnerable for hacking.

Multi-Factor Authentication solution use normal username/password along with another form of authentication involving hardware/software Tokens, Biometric, Display card, Grid authentication, digital certificates and one time passcode list.

MFA increases user confidence to encourage loyalty and continue use of online banking transactions. It can also be integrated with existing applications/solutions for authentication.

Our solution portfolio covers wide range authentication solutions as per organizations business need empowering their users with strong authentication technology that is easy to use, easy to manage, cost effective and secure.

Privilege User Access Management

Privilege users are who have the highest level access to the IT Systems and Privilege Access Management solution is to protect critical systems like servers, applications, databases, network routers and switches from misuse from the Privilege users.

Our Privilege Access Management solution monitors all activities performed by privilege users on the critical systems including commands and logs the same. The passwords for all the critical IT Systems (Servers, Applications, Databases, Network Routers and Switches) will be managed by PAM (Privilege Access Management) solution and also stores in encrypted form.

Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO) Solutions

Allows a user to authenticate once and gain access to multiple services without having to login again.