Data Security

For any organization business is most important and the business models allow the employees (end users) create and circulate information at will – anywhere, anytime. Limitless high speed bandwidth, inexpensive mobiles and plug and play devices allow users to communicate and transact business with ease and comfort. Enterprise business data no longer only resides in corporate databases, but also on desktops, laptops, USB memory sticks, PDAs, and other portable devices. Business data is also crossing the enterprise boundaries and is exchanged with business partners, suppliers and whoever requires access to the data through various applications.

When utilized effectively, this torrent of data creates competitive advantage and leads to improvements in productivity and operational efficiency. At the same time, new security challenges and potential liabilities are encountered when providing on demand access to sensitive information, both from within and outside traditional network boundaries.

Organizations have spent a tremendous number of resources in hopes of protecting their information.  However, the majority of their efforts have been focused on perimeter security to protect enterprise wide assets from external threats like DoS, DDoS attacks, Viruses, Worms and other intrusions leaving us with a major challenge- Data Leakage. According to leading analyst firms, the majority of all leaks are the result of unintentional/ intentional information loss from employees and partners.

Quoinx Technologies, we feel, that Data Leakage Prevention solution is not a silver bullet. It is a combination of people, process, policy and technology.  Based on our experience, we formulated a technology solution framework which will provide comprehensive protection measures at various layers following “Defense-in-Depth” security strategy.

The objective of Data Leakage Prevention solution is to  mitigate risks, reduce costs and focus on business solutions instead of technical problems. Our solution offering involves combination of best of breed technology solutions aimed at data leakage risks and targeting people, process and compliance requirements.

Some of the benefits with our frame work based approach are :

Protect Business Critical Sensitive Data

Prevents accidental or intentional leakage of sensitive business critical data by insiders or external hackers.

Reduce Cost of Data Breach

By reducing the risk of data leaks, the financial risk to the enterprises also reduces.

Improve Compliance

Regulations like Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS), GLBA and HIPPA, mandate organizations to protect, monitor sensitive data like customer details, financial information, Social Security Numbers etc. Leveraging the pre-defined templates available with DLP solutions will simplify compliance to these regulations.

Visibility of Corporate Data

With the Data Discovery and classification process, we would be able to understand the entire data flow of each business and would be able to identify critical data.

Improved Business Process

Help organizations in improving the policies, procedures and controls. Each Line of Business (LoB) process is assessed and analyzed during the course of DLP implementation which provides insights to the enterprise.

Solutions We Offer

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Data Leakage Prevention is (DLP) complex solution involving people, processes, policy and technology. Depending on the state of data, our solution address

  • Data at Rest (DIR) : Usually the structured data which is residing in databases and other storage systems. This will also include data stored on servers, desktops, laptops, file/storage servers, USB drives, and other types of data repositories.
  • Data in Motion (DIM) : Data that is being exchanged or transmitted via email, web, file transfer, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, tape backups, removable hard disks etc.
  • Data in Use (DIU) : Data in use is usually data on the endpoints. This could be sensitive information such as contracts, term sheets, forms and any other business critical documents as they are being used on or off the network.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Modern business needs force organizations to store and share confidential information outside of the protected boundaries with partners, suppliers, remote users. . Our DRM solution empowers enterprises with absolute control and security even after the file is shared via email, removable hard disk or any other digital form.

Web Application Firewall

Web applications are most widely used applications and hence are the most targeted and attacked hosts on the organization network. It is essential that organizations secure these applications and underline supporting infrastructure.

Our solutions protect enterprises from OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and new threat vectors in Web 2.0 technologies and also addresses compliance requirements like PCI-DSS 6.6

Database Activity Monitoring

Database Activity Monitoring solution protects confidential data and real time monitoring of databases across heterogeneous database platforms. Our Database Activity Monitoring solutions automatically find databases on your network and provide granular policy enforcement for sensitive data access, privilege user activities, application user activities etc.